Algeria cuts diplomatic ties with Morocco


Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra announced Tuesday (August 24th) that Algeria has cut diplomatic ties with its neighbor Morocco due to the kingdom’s “hostile actions” towards the country.

“Algeria has decided to cut diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco as of today,” the Algerian minister said in a press conference.

The minister explained the reasons for this decision, stressing that “history has shown that the Kingdom of Morocco has never stopped carrying out hostile acts against Algeria.”

He also held “the kingdom’s leaders responsible for the recurrent crises that have worsened”, a behavior that “leads to conflict rather than integration into the region” of the Maghreb.

On August 18, the Algerian presidency announced its desire to “review” its relations with Rabat, accusing it of involvement in the deadly fires that swept the north of the country and left at least 90 people dead.

Relationships deteriorate

The announcement also comes as relations between the two countries have deteriorated in recent weeks. A month ago, Algeria recalled its ambassador in Rabat for “immediate consultations” in the wake of diplomatic tensions.

During a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement, on July 13-14 in New York, Morocco’s ambassador to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, passed a memorandum in which he considered that “the brave Kabyle people deserve, more than any other people, to enjoy the right to self-determination”. A red line for Algiers opposes any desire for independence in the Berber-speaking Kabylie region in northeastern Algeria.

The Moroccan diplomat had expressed his support for Kabyle separatism in response to Algeria’s support for the Sahrawi separatists from the Polisario Front who are fighting against Morocco.

(with AFP)


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