Somaliland House of Elders Debates Change in the Horn


The members of the Somaliland House of Elders met yesterday to discuss the current state of foreign policy, developments in the Horn of Africa region and other important issues.

Lawmakers have expressed differing views on Somaliland’s foreign policy, with a majority calling for increased efforts to develop foreign policy, as it connects Somaliland to the rest of the world.

Ahmed Dirir Ali, one of the MPs who addressed the gathering, focused on the relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland, pointing to the new Ethiopian Prime Minister’s policy towards Somaliland and Somalia.

The lawmaker said Prime Minister Abi Ahmed was working to reunite Somaliland and Somalia, while the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Melez Sanawi was working to make Somaliland independent.

he said, “The Djibouti and Ethiopia is good, The embassy us they are, they are also our present, but you seem to have a cool relationship Ethiopia.


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